photography + education

Cruise Deluxe Template for Showit

Take a visual vacation with the Cruise Deluxe Template. Featuring photography and videography pages, plus a full education section with store offerings, this template hits on all levels. Beautifully designed with stylish details and fun colors to highlight your photo and video portfolio.

purchase the template: $550.

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this template is a good fit for you if:

  • You have a laidback vibe and like a lot of layers to your website
  • You have multiple specialties, including photo and/or video
  • You offer education opportunities and need to showcase that information on your website, including items in a shop
  • You are looking for some fun interactive features like a bucket list for travel locations
  • You want your website to feel like a vacation and/or you offer destination weddings

pages included in this template:

  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • Photography Page
  • Videography Page
  • Photo Gallery Pages (6)
  • Video Gallery Pages (6)
  • FAQs Page with Bucket List
  • Contact Page
  • Education Page
  • Product Pages (3)
  • Blog Main Page
  • Wordpress Page
  • Single Post Page
  • 404 Page
  • Coming Soon Page

All template pages can be easily duplicated, altered, moved, renamed, and customized.

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Questions about Showit templates and the purchase process.

frequently asked questions

Once you purchase a design, you will receive a PDF document with a Showit site share code and instructions on how to add it to your Showit account.. This code can be used for up to two websites (for websites owned only by the purchaser). Share codes can be added into Showit by following the steps listed HERE.

Website templates are designed using the Showit software and can only be used with Showit and an active Showit subscription. When you subscribe to Showit, Showit becomes your hosting company as well, and will assist you with any problems you run into with your website or your blog.

Yes, all of my designs come with blog template pages that are designed to be used with Wordpress. Upon launching your website, you can request that Showit set up a new Showit blog or transfer an existing blog from many popular platforms over to your new Showit hosting account.

what will i receive when i purchase a template?

can i use your templates on a platform other than showit?

can i have a blog/transfer my posts with a showit website?

Of course! Showit is a very easy platform to learn because of its drag-and-drop nature. Colors, fonts, placement, design elements, can really change anything you want. You can add sections, remove sections, move sections, etc. You're not stuck in a square like you are with those other guys.

I don't currently offer templates for any other platforms. The versatility and ease of Showit allows me to create what I want without restrictions, and also makes it very easy for my customers to quickly and confidently make changes to their own websites without coding or technical knowledge.

Due to the digital nature of our products, no refunds will be given on products purchased from the shop. Please review the platform and subscription policies for Showit carefully and thoroughly review the demo site to ensure that it suits your needs before making any purchases.

i want to change things on the template, can i change things?

do you offer templates on any other platforms?

what is your return policy for purchased store items?

Gone are the days of boring, hard-to-customize website templates. Get ready to drag-and-drop your way to a beautiful, custom-looking website design that can be online in mere hours. What you see in front of you is what you see on your site: No code, no hassle, easy-peasy.

Our templates are easy to use, affordable, and styled to last and convert visitors to clients. With several designs that span multiple industries, we are ever-growing our collection of cool and savvy sites that fit your vibe AND your wallet. 

Short on time? I can customize your design for you straight out of the box, or as a semi-custom design (ie: custom look without the custom price tag)

Easy to customize yourself, or let me help you get going quickly.

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showit website templates

Showit is a drag-and-drop website program that requires a subscription to have a live website. Showit incorporates Wordpress for blogging capabilities and you must have a blog subscription with Showit to utilize blog-enabled pages in the templates. For Wordpress template pages, all content will come from Wordpress. All templates are fully customizable as to their design, colors, logo, content, and you may utilize any fonts that you purchase with webfont capability (.woff files).