that's what she said:


"RACHAEL freaking EARL. You made the process extremely quick, efficient, and most importantly STRESS FREE. I cannot even begin to express my thanks and admiration for your insane talent. Definitely going to be a repeat customer!"


"There aren’t enough wonderful things I can say to recommend Rachael enough for anyone looking for design work. She’s worth every penny and then some."


"Wonderful! Rachael was very responsive, eager to please, and went the extra mile when it came to working with me. She even had a baby the week before I launched & was back at it, responding to emails & putting the finishing touches on the site just a few days later!"


"I can’t believe this is our website 😭 I love it so much Rachael. We cannot thank you enough!"


"Working with Rachael was hands down the easiest and most satisfying experience I’ve ever had when updating my website. I am months into having my site live and even all this time later I am still so beyond happy when I look at it. It’s exactly what I wanted!"


"I can't express just how lucky I am to have found Rachael. The communication, creativity and attention to detail is exactly what I was looking for in a graphic designer. She went above and beyond for my rebrand and I could not be happier with the end result."


"Where do I even start with Rachael?! The whole process was so easy and flawless. Rachael was quick to respond to emails, so fast in the design portion, comes up with these absolutely gorgeous & unique concepts and basically made all my web design dreams come true!"


"Rachael has more than earned a forever client in Megan Helm Photography simply because of her willingness to work with me, but also because she is knowledgeable, kind and extremely talented. You cannot go wrong in hiring her!"


Showit Website + Branding



Showit Website + Branding

Showit Website + Branding


Showit Website + Branding

View my most recent custom website and branding clients.


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Branding is about so much more than just your logo. How you are putting your business out there for the world to see will influence who actually hires you for your services.

Design services begin at $650.

Do you have a web presence? More importantly, do you have a web presence that's working? I build strategic websites for creative businesses that look awesome and work for you.

Website design begins at $900.

Short on time and more of a DIYer? A Showit website template could be the perfect fit for your business. Find website templates that are simple to customize and high on style.

Showit website templates start at $150.

Let's level up your business to book more of your ideal clients.

my offerings

branding design

I offer hourly design on a first come, first served basis. Hourly design is subject to availability based on existing projects, contact me for my current hourly design availability.* Hourly design is $100/hr. *Please note that my hourly rate is for maintenance of existing, published websites and not for creation of a new website or brand.

website design

website templates

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marketing/personal brand

Imani Parker Template for Showit

Elevate your small business's online presence with our customizable marketing template. Crafted with small budgets in mind, this template empowers you to showcase your brand, engage your audience, and drive growth with ease.

purchase the template: $250.

view the demo site


Blushmark Deluxe Template for Showit

Blushmark is a deluxe website template designed specifically for wedding photographers and videographers who also offer mentoring services. The template features a clean and modern design with beautiful images and elegant typography, creating a sophisticated look and feel.

purchase the template: $550.

view the demo site

modern design

Hyogo Template for Showit

The Hyogo website template is a sleek and sophisticated design that creates a perfect balance between artistry and elegance. With a clean, dark layout and minimalist aesthetic, the template places a strong emphasis on high-quality imagery and beautiful typography, creating a visually stunning website that is both engaging and easy to navigate.

purchase the template: $350.

view the demo site

photography/personal portfolio

Urbano Template for Showit

Urbano is a minimal portfolio template that is perfect for artists and students alike. With a straightforward, easy-to-customize design, this bold template is sure to make an impact.

purchase the template: $95.

view the demo site

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Photography + Education


Photography + Education


Multi-Specialty Photography


Photography, Elopement

Showit is a drag-and-drop website program that requires a subscription to have a live website. Showit incorporates Wordpress for blogging capabilities and you must have a blog subscription with Showit to utilize blog-enabled pages in the templates. For Wordpress template pages, all content will come from Wordpress. All templates are fully customizable as to their design, colors, logo, content, and you may utilize any fonts that you purchase with webfont capability (.woff files).

Gone are the days of boring, hard-to-customize website templates. Get ready to drag-and-drop your way to a beautiful, custom-looking website design that can be online in mere hours. What you see in front of you is what you see on your site: No code, no hassle, easy-peasy.

Our templates are easy to use, affordable, and styled to last and convert visitors to clients. With several designs that span multiple industries, we are ever-growing our collection of cool and savvy sites that fit your vibe AND your wallet. 

Short on time? I can customize your design for you straight out of the box, or as a semi-custom design (ie: custom look without the custom price tag)

Easy to customize yourself, or let me help you get going quickly.

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showit website templates

My websites aren't the only responsive things around here, I am too.

In my thirteen plus years in business as a brand and website designer, I've learned a thing or twelve about creating a brand and website that will last, and how to best serve my clients. Let me level up your business to create a brand that consistently books your ideal clients, and let's have fun in the process.

* Cards Against Humanity champion, Disneyland afficianado, mom of six, expert level multi-tasker

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Business hours are 10am-4pm, Mon-Thurs, Arizona time.
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