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You're in the market for a new website for one of three reasons. Either your website is not pulling in the type of clients you're looking for, or any at all, or your website just doesn't feel like you and your brand whatsoever. Worst of all, maybe you own a business and have no website at all. 

No matter where you are in your business, I can recommend a solution that can help you book more clients, and the right type of clients, while being a good option for where you're at in your business.

I tell prospective clients that I'm not in the upsell business. I offer a handful of services that suit a wide variety of clients, wherever you are in your business. Let's talk about the best solution for you to start booking more of your ideal clients whether you're established or just starting out in your business.

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Website design options to suit your brand and your budget.

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I build website templates that are chock full of pages and features to help you advertise your unique creative business. They're easily adaptable to a variety of businesses, even beyond the creative fields.  

Basic template customization includes:

• Showit template design of your choice from my collection (or work from another template that you have purchased).
• Basic customization including changing colors, adding branding, adding images and text.
• Minor changes to the template using already available sections.
• Setup and assistance with site launch
• Free blog migration from Showit support (if applicable)

Basic template customization is $900.

The most popular of my offerings, a semi-custom Showit website design combines the best of both worlds: A quicker web design solution that is also highly customized with custom pages and blog design.

Semi-custom website design includes:

• Showit Template design of your choice from my collection (or work from another template that you have purchased)
• Assistance with site flow and links
• Assistance curating content
• Specialized customization including adding additional pages and more complex customization
• Custom blog design options
• Minor copy editing as needed
• Setup and assistance with site launch
• Free blog migration from Showit support (if applicable)
• 10 days post-launch support as needed

Semi-custom Showit websites are $1700.

Looking for something completely unique for your business? A fully custom website could be a good solution for you. Built from scratch and tailored specifically for your business, a custom site helps you stand out from the crowd.

Custom website design includes:

• Design Questionnaire to assist in creating your unique website design
• Built-from-scratch unique design concept
• Custom blog design with advanced features
• Assistance with site flow, content curation and links
• Copy editing assistance as needed
• Assistance with copywriting as needed
• Setup and assistance with site launch
• Custom recorded post-launch tutorial walkthrough video
• Free blog migration from Showit support (if applicable)
• 30 days post-launch support as needed.

Fully custom Showit websites begin at $4000.

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Please note: Prices subject to change without notice. Pricing includes all applicable taxes.

Enhance the experience with a shop, plus sites, custom blogs and more.

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If you need to add on to an existing project, I can help with that. I offer the following add-on services to enhance your client's experience:

1. Showit/Shopify Lite shop setup (up to 15 products): Increase revenue by adding physical and digital products for sale. Pricing includes Showit and Shopify setup and launch. Product mockups can be added at my hourly rate. Shop setup begins at $500.

2. Showit plus site design (up to 3 pages): Give more in-depth information to inquiring prospective clients through a client lounge, online pricing guide, and more. Plus site design begins at $350.

3. Is your blog design not quite cutting it for you? Get a custom Wordpress blog design on Showit to make your blog more appealing. Custom blog design begins at $350.


Showit Website + Branding



Showit Website + Branding

Showit Website + Branding


Showit Website + Branding

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