I'm Rachael, your resident design guru, wife, mom of six, and grammar nerd.

Well, I'm probably just a nerd in general, actually, and I certainly don't look this polished on the daily, FYI. My husband Dan and I live in the scorching desert of Arizona with our six kids and lots of animals, all named after the Scooby Doo characters (the animals, not the kids). Halloween is my favorite holiday, and my caffeine of choice is Monster energy (only the white ones though).

I like inappropriate humor and sarcasm, spout random movie quotes into normal conversation, and geek out over spelling and grammar (we love the oxford comma around here). I use way too many exclamation points and smiley faces in my professional emails, and I'm OCD about my inbox. 

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Did I mention we love Halloween?

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We start planning our family costumes in June, and have done them every year since my kids were little. We love everything Superhero, Disney, and Nintendo in this household, and spend A LOT of quality time together. 

I'm pretty biased, but my kids are the coolest and love learning new things on the daily. Whether it's magic, ventriloquism, juggling, contortionism, swimming, soccer, fencing, archery, or some other hobby, they keep me constantly amazed at how you can learn anything you put your mind to.

My husband Dan is a real estate agent here in Arizona, but also volunteers his time coaching wrestling at the junior high level. He's an avid runner (don't put me down for cardio), and definitely helps me wrangle the kids so I can get my work done, in case you were wondering!

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